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Growing Up Together

Growing Up Together workshops involve group work with parents of young children, providing them with parenting support free of charge. Throughout eleven workshops parents and workshop leaders are partners in seeking answers to the questions concerning parenting and child's development. Parents exchange information, knowledge, skills and experiences with the leaders and other parents. In this way they learn together and support each other, which proved beneficial for improvement of the competences of both the parent and the child.

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Growing Up Together Plus

Growing Up Together Plus workshops are intended for parents of pre-school children with disabilities. Although they are not different from other parents, they do have a stronger need for information and personal empowerment given that they raise their children in more demanding conditions. An additional support from other parents who have children with disabilities and exchange of experiences with them is therefore most welcome.

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Fathers' Club

''Fathers' Club'' workshops are intended for the fathers of children aged 1-4(5) (or persons who have the role of father in the child's life). Unlike the Growing Up Together Club, organized for the parents who completed the programme of workshops, Fathers' Club is open to the fathers, whether or not they participated in the programme. In other words, it is open to all fathers.

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Što su rekli roditelji

„Spoznala sam da ne moram biti savršen roditelj.“

„Cure su dobile mamu koja ih bolje razumije, manje viče, više razgovara, puno se igra, koja je zadovoljnija sobom i svojim životom što se odražava i na njih.“

"Osvijestila sam da je roditeljstvo djetetu s teškoćama u mnogim stvarima isto kao i roditeljstvo djetetu bez teškoća."

Oglasna ploča za voditelje

Najnovije vijesti i događanja za voditelje


Uskoro fotogalerije u novom ruhu


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