About workshops Growing up Goes on

About workshops Growing up Goes on

The main goal of the Program is to enable the exchange of information and support that will benefit/help fathers in a situation of separated parentage to:

  • develop/strengthen their relationship with the child and support the child's healthy adaptation and development
  • strengthen/develop in the role of father
  • develop/improve cooperative co-parenting  

The program of workshops with fathers consists of eight conceptually and thematically related workshops conducted by specially educated group-leaders experts in family centers. The workshops last ninety minutes, and the topics are as follows:

  1. Fathers of the 21st century
  2. Separate parenting
  3. Communication and co-parenting
  4. How to deal with conflicts
  5. Children, divorce, fathers
  6. 6. Four pillars of parenting
  7. Several new tools
  8. Child of his father, father to his child  

8-12 parents participate in the workshops. Different forms of work are used, depending on the goal and content of each activity. Short lectures with PPT presentations, exercises and work on various tasks alternate with discussion on a specific topic and exchange of experience in small or larger groups. Each workshop is "seasoned" with a few games and/or a short film.

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