About workshops Growing up Together in a New Family

About workshops Growing up Together in a New Family

The workshops consist of short expert lectures, discussions on specific topics, short movies, practice tasks and exchange of experiences. Parents receive a folder with written materials, and upon completion of the program, a diploma.

The program is conducted live, but it is also adapted for implementation as online workshops, as well as for self-study of those parents who want to go through the content at their own pace with the help of interactive online resources.

·        Live workshops Workshops with parents and workshops with children occur in parallel, followed by a joint game of parents and children. The program is implemented through 12 meetings. Workshop duration: 120 min (90 minutes of the workshop with parents/children + 30 minutes of joint play)  

·         Online workshops This implementation of the program includes 12 workshops with parents and 3 workshops of joint activities of parents and children, which take place in separate meetings. Duration of the workshops: 90-120 min (workshops with parents), 30 min (joint play activities)  

·          UNO web On the website of the Growing Up Together Center there are 12 thematic modules available that are aligned with the contents of the workshops for parents as well as numerous other contents. These modules are mostly designed for those parents to whom it is important that they can access the content at a time that suits them best.  

Workshops with parents are designed as a place of pleasant and stimulating environment where parents can exchange knowledge and experience with expert group-leaders and other parents. Through this they will get to know themselves and their children better, try out new skills and seek answers to proposed questions (live, online, interactive online resources).

Workshops with children are intended to strengthen children's resilience and potentially facilitate some present or possible difficulties in adapting to a new family (live).

The joint activities of parents and children are designed to help parents and children build a positive relationship and a sense of deeper mutual connection, strengthen the attachment of parents and children, their self-esteem and trust in themselves and others... (live, online)  

Topics of workshops with parents:

  1. Getting to know each other and getting to know the way of working
  2. Being an adoptive parent
  3. All our children and how we love them
  4. Expectations and adaptation to my child
  5. Basic psychological needs
  6. Four pillars of parenting
  7. Parental guidance: Why and how?
  8. Co-parenting, partnership, and relationship with biological parents
  9. Communication with the child about adoption, the experience of adoption, the importance of the biological family
  10. Relationship with biological family 
  11. How to deal with intrusive questions, and communication with others (school, kindergarten...)
  12. Looking back and forward  

Topics of workshops with children:

  1. The beginning of the journey
  2. Let's play together
  3. We are...WE!
  4. It's me, who are you?
  5. What I can do and what I will be able to do (my "superpowers") 
  6. Your hearts and my heart stand in love!
  7. Let's get to know our feelings
  8. I want, I will, and I can know my anger
  9. Scary town
  10. My boundaries
  11. It's OK to be sad
  12. The program is over, and friendship continues! 
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